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Youth Ministry Leadership Conference Class

Don't miss this opportunity to network with youth professors, practitioners, and parents ... and recent course credit! Check out the attached syllabi (note that if you're registering for the class, you'll need to attend the Thursday night pre-conference session as well). Register by September 12. The conference will be held at JFBC in Student Center South.
**Registration Deadline: September 12, 2017
October Youth Ministry Conference: Oct. 5-7, 2017
Course Name
6:30 pm- 9: 30 pm
Youth Ministry Leadership Workshop

Dr. Allen Jackson/ Dr. David Odom
Magnolia Room
8:00 am-9: 15 pm
8:00 am-12:30 pm
 Thursday, October 5
Registration            5:30-6:30 pm
Sessions 1 &2          6:30-9: 30 pm 
Friday, October 6
Sessions 3& 4         8:00 am- 11: 45 am
Sessions 5-7           1:30 pm- 5:00 pm
Sessions 8& 9         7:00 pm -9: 15 pm 
Saturday, October 7
Sessions 10- 12      8:00 am- 12: 30 pm 
***Please click here to see the course syllabi: Youth Ministry Conference Fall 2017
You may access the website for this conference to register: Youth Leadership Conference

NGA Center will be hosting a Campus Preview Day on October 9th (Monday), 2017. We would like to invite all of the prospective students who are interested in studying with NOBTS at the NGA center. If you have a friend, relative, family, and church member who wants to study with NOBTS and to answer God' cal, please invite them to this event. They will be learned about NOBTS seminary life and NGA degree programs and will have the opportunity to observe a class at the NGA center. Please sign up here for the campus preview day:

Are you wearing your Student ID badge today? If you're at one of our extension center campuses, we ask you to always keep this badge in plain sight in respect for the facility we are using. If you don't have one yet, see Dr. Mike Pattillo today in Rm. 348 at JFBC. ALSO, if you want an official NOBTS student ID, check out the FAQ link on the North Georgia extension center web page. Finally, all students who already have an ID are invited to come by Rm. 348 to get the updated year sticker.


If you plan to graduate in May 2017, you are asked to complete the graduation application form here:
The deadline for applying without penalty is September 15th.
Accordingly, a $40 late application fee will be added to your account if you apply after this date.

This is the name of our official NGA Facebook group page. Make sure you find us, like us, and check us regularly. We'll keep you updated on extension center happenings as well as highlights from the main campus.

If you find that you need to drop or add a class to your current semester's schedule, find the appropriate form on the Registrar's page at The cost to drop is $20 per class; to add is $10 per class. The deadline to drop/add is Friday, September 1.
Leavell College Drop/Add Form

Graduate Program Drop/Add Form

Dear Colleagues and NOBTS family,

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention exists in part to provide practical resources for Southern Baptist churches, leaders, and members. One important means of providing resources is an annual National Conference. This year, the National Conference is on Parenting. The slate of speakers is outstanding and the topics are vital to the health of families and churches, ranging from discussing parenting and spiritual warfare, the family life of Christian leaders to pressing on if you fail as a parent. Time and money, however, make attending the event impossible for most of our students. The good news is that we can bring a portion of the event to students!
Attached are two PDF files. One is a schedule of all event times, provided by the ERLC. The other is a Promo flyer with the NOBTS live stream schedule and information about the Kid's Camp.

Now that the semester is underway, it's a great time to check on your progress in your degree program and make sure you're on track! Click on the following link to schedule an appointment with Dr. Judi Jackson, NGA Student Services Director: Academic Advising Schedule.  Note: Phone appointments are assumed unless you state otherwise.

If you want to use Logos version, here is a link for an offer of Logos version 7 Academic Basic for free (click HERE). You simply provide the name of the school, etc. This is also available for students. It’s a free version of Logos. There’s not many on there, but it is free.

Fall 2017 Graduate Schedules for AL Centers (Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Rainsville, and Tuscaloosa)

Fall 2017 Leavell College Schedules

Fall 2017 Course Syllabi

Fall 2017
Aug. 7 &8                             NGA/Duluth On-Campus Orientation
Aug. 18th                              Final Day of Payment: Final Day to Register and Pay Tuition
Aug. 21st                               1st day of classes for Monday classes
Aug. 22nd                              1st day of classes for Tuesday classes
Aug. 24th                               1st day of classes for Thursday classes
Sept. 1st                                Drop/Add Deadline
Sept. 4th                                Labor Day (no classes)
Sept. 15th                              Graduation Application Deadline for Fall Graduate
Sept. 1-30                             Scholarship Application Deadline
Oct.  5th -7th                          Youth Ministry Conference/Workshop
Oct. 16th -20th                        Fall Break
Nov. 20th-24th                        Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 7th                                  Last day of Classes/finals for Thursday classes
Dec. 11th                                Last day of classes/finals for Monday classes
Dec. 12rh                               Last day of classes/finals for Tuesday classes
Dec. 16th                                Graduation        

Answering God's Call

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