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NOBTS, Announcements for AL/GA Extension Centers (January 23, 2017)
Join us on Monday, April 3, 2017, for the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Preview Day at the North GA Hub! 

Prospective students will have the opportunity to observe a class, learn about NOBTS programs, and dialogue with NOBTS Faculty, students, and staff. 
Also, Dr. Chuck Kelley has scheduled a visit to our Marietta, GA campus on that day.

**Please click here for sign up: NGA/Duluth Campus Orientation Spring 2017
Lunch is FREE for prospective students and those who invite prospective students (*registration is required to receive free lunch). 

If you have any questions please email and call at 678-905-7668

The Deadline for dropping/adding courses for the Spring Semester is 4:00 pm on 2/3/2017.
The option to drop/add a course is only open without financial tuition penalty during the Drop/Add period for semester-long traditional and bi-weekly courses. 
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (4-meeting hybrid courses) can be dropped before the second class meeting. 
The cost to drop/add a course during this period is $20 per drop and $10 per course addition.
*Graduate Program Drop/Add form: 
If you have any questions, please contact the registrar's office at (grad) and (Leavell College) 

If you have received any scholarship funds from NOBTS for Spring 2017 semester, please remember that you should send a "Thank you Note" to Financial Aid office.
The deadline of Thank you note is on Jan. 25, 2017.

For more information, please contact Financial Aid office at 504-282-4455 Ext. 3348.
Note: If you miss the deadline, you may lose your scholarship money, so please remember the deadline.

Spiritual Formation II (DISC 5171) was approved as an elective rather than a required course. Standard MDiv joins 11 other degree programs that do not require this course. 
In the past, students in DISC 5170 were automatically registered for DISC 5171, but this course is not required anymore, so students have the responsibility to register for Spiritual Formation II. 
  • The FLEX MDiv has been replaced by the Standard MDiv. Therefore, the Flex MDiv and "old" Standard MDiv are now the new Standard MDiv which goes in effect Spring 2017 (see attachment).
  • All students who are in the Standard MDiv degree plan are not required to take DISC 5171 to complete their degree program. But, they can still take DISC 5171 as 1-hour of the 12 required electives in the Standard MDiv. In fact, if a student chose to take a 2-hour elective, this course would complement it well to reach the 12 hours of required electives. (This can be encouraged in your class.)
  • There are still 22-degree programs (Specialized MDivs and some MAs) that still require Spiritual Formation II (DISC 5171). So, all students need to look to determine through academic advising and faculty if they need to take this course as an elective or required course. Here is the link to contact a graduate academic advisingGraduate Academic Advising.

March Workshop (3/13/2017-3/17/2017)

Course Name
March 13-17, 2017
Ministry Integration Project
Dr. Peter Kendrick/ Mr. Mike Riggins

If you are interested 
in learning how to equip yourself to be a "self-funded" servant of God? Then this is the workshop for you. Rev Mike Riggins (North American Mission Board) has taught this course for North American American Mission Board Missionaries for many years. God has called you to serve Him - the traditional "career" in a church vocation may not be what He wants. Through this workshop, you can equip yourself to serve God and care for your family.
We will be offering CHPL6381/Ministry Integration Project course as a March Workshop in Spring 2017. This course will be counted as a free elective course for MDiv., MACE, and MA students.
If extra credit hours are needed for your graduation, you can register for this course. 

Please register for the course through Self-serve account.

NOLA2U: A New Delivery System to Consider

Have you heard about this new delivery system where you register for an on-campus class but you attend it from your computer? That's right ... this spring NOBTS is trying out this option which means no driving to the extension center or main campus for these possibilities! Go to and scroll down to the NOLA2U offerings. Times listed are CST and you must be "present" for the whole class time or you will be counted absent. Only 3 absences will be allowed in this semester. If you have questions about this, email me and I'll forward you an informational video. This could give you the main campus experience and allow you to take classes not offered for a while at your respective extension center.


Consider serving the nations in Jesus' name right here in the Atlanta area. Bill Johnson, pastor of Reach the Nations Church and NOBTS grad., invites you to participate in a summer internship in the Clarkston area, promising an encounter with the international mission field without leaving the state of Georgia! Interns will gain hands-on missions and church planting experience while facilitating and engaging in discipleship opportunities. Dates of training and participation are May 24-August 4, 2017. Check out the church's website at for more info and to apply. Note that this is not a paid position but ministry-related expenses on the field and housing are covered. You may also talk with Dr. Kendrick about a possible class-credit option.


Yes, you read that right! Registration, tuition, and even the graduation fee for the Ministry Wife Certificate Program is FREE for wives of current NOBTS students. So, if you are enrolled in classes at NOBTS -- main campus, extension center, and online -- your wife is eligible to take classes in the Ministry Wife Certificate Program. And this is a great time for her to start OR to keep going because, for the very first time, the course The Minister's Wife will be offered online this spring beginning January 23. Prior to now, this course has only been offered on the main campus. To find out more about the program, contact Dr. Rhonda Kelley (NOBTS President's Wife and certificate program director) at

All students planning to graduate must first apply for graduation. The deadline for December Graduation is September 15th and the deadline for May Graduation is February 15th.
Leavell College Graduation (Undergraduate): Friday, May 12, 2017, at 10:00 am
Mandatory Leavell College Graduation Rehearsal: Thursday, May 11, 2017, at 2:30 pm
NOBTS Graduation (Masters/Doctoral): Saturday, May 13, 2017, at 10:00 am
Mandatory NOBTS Graduation Rehearsal: Friday, May 12, 2017, at 2:30 pm
The deadline for applying without penalty is February 15th.
Accordingly, a $35 late application fee will be added to your account if you apply after this date.
Click here to fill out the graduation form:

Schedule &Cycle

GA /AL Schedules

Graduate Schedules for Spring 2017
Spring 2017 North Georgia Center Graduate Schedule
Spring 2017 Alabama Center Graduate Schedule
(Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Rainsville, and Tuscaloosa)
Spring 2017 Augusta Graduate Schedule
Spring 2017 Columbus Graduate Schedule
Spring 2017 Duluth Graduate Schedule
Spring 2017 Jonesboro Graduate Schedule
Spring 2017 Savannah Graduate Schedule
Spring 2017 South Georgia Graduate Schedule
Spring 2017 KTI Graduate Schedule
Spring 2017 Graduate Online schedule
Leavell College Schedules for Spring 2017
Spring 2017 NGA Leavell College Schedule
Spring 2017 Alabama Leavell College Schedule
(Birmingham, Rainsville, and Tuscaloosa)
Spring 2017 Augusta Leavell College
Spring 2017 Columbus Leavell College
Spring 2017 Duluth Leavell College
Spring 2017 Jonesboro Leavell College
Spring 2017 Savannah Leavell College
Spring 2017 South Georgia Leavell College
Spring 2017 KTI Leavell College
Spring 2017 Leavell College Online schedule



Leavell College(GA/AL)
Graduate Syllabi (GA/AL)
Alabama Graduate Course Syllabi (Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Rainsville, and Tuscaloosa)

 Spring 2017
Jan.2-6                                     January 1 Term Workshop
Jan. 9 & 10                               NGA Orientation
Jan.9-13                                    January 2 Term workshop
Jan. 20th                                   FINAL DAY of PAYMENT: Final day to register and pay tuition
Jan. 23rd                                         1st day of classes for Monday classes
Jan. 24th                                  1st day of classes for Tuesday classes
Jan. 26th                                  1st day of classes for Thursday classes                       
Feb. 3rd                                    Drop/Add Deadline
Feb. 15th                                  Graduation Application Deadline for Spring Graduation
Feb. 28th                                  Mardi Gras Break (seminary closed)
Mar. 13th – 17th                        Spring Break
Apr. 14th                                  Good Friday (offices closed)
 May 4th                                    Last day of classes/finals for Thursday classes
May 8th                                    Last day of classes/finals for Monday classes
May 9th                                    Last day of classes/finals for Tuesday classes
May 12th                                  Leavell College Graduation
May 13th                                  Graduate Program Graduation

Click the appropriate link below to jump to a specific section of the GA/AL web pages or scroll down for more information.
North Georgia Hub
Augusta Center
Columbus Center
Duluth Center
Jonesboro Center
Savannah Center
South Georgia Center
Birmingham Center
Montgomery Center
Huntsville Center
Rainsville Center
Tuscaloosa Center

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